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This is an educational website dedicated to America's future. The videos and articles on this site are meant to give a perspective you don't normally see. It is not a secret government conspiracy that our national debt is over 14 trillion. This pillaging and ransacking of our nation's future is being done in the open.

We believe in a small government that protects our freedom and liberty.  A government that does not regulate every aspect of our life. A government that will get out of the way, so we can prosper.

We stand with the Tea Party when they say limited government.

We stand with the Conservatives when they say limited government.

We stand with the Libertarians when they say limited government.

We stand with Texas Congressman Ron Paul and lawmakers like him.

We stand with the Individual and their pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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There are three kinds of people in this country: 
  1. People that make their money from businesses by owning businesses, buying stocks, and having jobs.
  2. People that make their money by working  for the government. They get their money through taxes and deficit spending.
  3. People that  get their money from the government from subsidies, entitlements, credits, et cetera.

This website is for category one, the people that pay for everything: the taxpayers, the business owners, the employees, the moviemakers, the artists, the magicians, the doctors, the dentists, the bricklayers, the truck drivers. This list goes on and on. And we have one thing in common. This is our country. And we all  benefit from limited government.

Category one pays for everything, whereas category two and three consume, always wanting bigger government. Even when the taxpayers are bled dry, they will still demand "my fair share" which is code for "give me, give me" for the work and effort of others.