THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

CPS Corruption

Child abuse is horrible. We are absolutely against child abuse. Thats why CPS has a section on the Rugged Individualist. CPS does not save families, they destroy families. We encourage you to do your own research think for yourself make your own decisions. Child protective services is the ultimate taxpayer-funded, child abuse agency. Having your children kidnapped by the government is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent, or the child. CPS is more about money, politics, corruption and  trampling the Constitution, then protecting children. If Child protective services cared about children they would hold their own employees to a higher standard, then the parents they investigate. With Child protective services you are guilty based on an anonymous allegation. And  the opinion of a social worker. When your child is kidnapped by the government:
  • They are often druged because they're acting up (because they miss their parents)
  • moved from foster care to foster care
  • denied access to their parents
  • denied access to relatives
  • interrogated over and over
  • Brain washed about their parents
  • dramatically increased chances of being raped
  • six times more likely to die then any other home in America
  • emotionally abused
  • neglected
  • traumatized
  • their future tax burden increase because of deficit spending on CPS.
Our Constitution says guilty until proven innocent. What makes CPS of special interest is the fact they take an individuals most favorite person in the world without due process.



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