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Charting Gov. Types

Most of the time we hear of the left versus the right, the Republicans versus the Democrats, and Liberals versus Conservatives. But we think more in terms of bigger government versus smaller  government. More freedom versus less freedom. When you hear the socialists are on the left and fascists are on the right, don't believe that. They both are about  big government controlling your life. It does not matter whether the Democrats or Republicans are in charge they both want to control everything with big government and make us pay for it with big taxes.

The wedge chart below shows where the different political groups fall in relation to government control and personal freedom. You can use our Constitution, anarchy and communism as a reference point.

The link below will take you to are you a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian quiz  this is an amazing quiz with just 20 questions.

The second chart is divided into four quadrants: liberal versus conservative, libertarian versus authoritarian. You can see where Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan's, George bush, Bill Clinton, and Obama fall on the chart.  You can also find out where you fit on the chart by taking the world's smallest political quiz. The link is on the bottom right of this page.

But we still feel the political wedge best described political parties. The wedge shows in its simplest form how much government control a political party has in relation to the Constitution.

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It is the worlds smallest Political quiz