THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

End The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was started at the same time as the IRS, in 1913. The Federal Reserve is not federal like the name implies but a private bank. The US is paying interest to the Federal Reserve. If the US abolished the Federal Reserve we would save billions and billions in interest payments. The primary reason for the IRS was to collect interest for the Federal Reserve for the nations money supply. Our government at the very least should be responsible for our money supply. Not a private central bank. When our president picks the Fed chair. He has to pick from a preapproved list, prepared by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has been devaluing our money, we have lost over 90% of its value over the last hundred years. Compare that with our money being worth 8% more from 1776 to 1913. When our money was printed by our government and backed by gold. Inflation is an evil and hidden tax. Anyone who holds US currency is taxed by inflation. How does it make you feel to know the dollar in your pocket is only worth a nickel in the pocket of a 1913 American.