THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

Ron Paul 2012



Ron Paul has been running for president of the United States since 1988, what he says during his campaign always stay the same, just the numbers are the ones that change. In 1988 every year the policies of the administration was spending it self into debt at 240 billion dollars every year, and Ron Paul was very alarm by that. Now the current administration is spending over 2 trillion every year to add to the debt. What Ron Paul says the media should love this guy they should jump aboard with the facts that remain the same year after year. Now the media doesn't even care they are saying that he isn't even recognized even thou he gets the most in donations from the troops in 2011, and the most from the people in 2011. Strong in polls, but all the media can say is this "we have a top tire now its Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Bachmann. Why is this, Ron Paul is fighting for the very fabric of the Constitution of the United States, he cares not about how people view him but how they should feel about freedom. Ron Paul is a true rugged individualist, since serving in the United States air force and along side Ronald Reagan and as 12 term state congressman, Ron Paul doesn't seem to give up, and to top it off he is a medical doctor. Ron Paul isn't looking to further his own status of life, just to keep his own freedom as outlined in the Constitution of the United States