THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

School Health

Public schools routinely pressure parents into medicating their kids. Adderall was originally prescribed as a weight-loss drug in the 60s. It Is now being re-marketed to children for ADHD and ADD. These drugs that are forced on our kids are a form of methamphetamine (speed), Know your history, think for yourself, make your own decisions. Don't let the school and your doctor blindly prescribe hard-core drugs based on a soft diagnosis.

Hard diagnoses example
Dr. 1.  you have a broken leg
Dr. 2.  yes you have a broken leg. Anyone can see you have a broken leg

Soft diagnosis example
Dr 1. I think you have ADHD because you are hyper

Dr 2. I think you're hyper and do not have ADHD, the ADHD and ADD questionnaire and be interpreted differently.

This Child's Name is Mathew  W Smith
He Died Because of Ritalin. he was 14