THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

School System

The American school system is broken. There is a war between schools and parents that most parents are not aware of. We as a people have been lulled into a status quo. Sending our children to these government training camps. Wasting vast amounts of tax money and producing poorly educated kids. Even though the United States spends more money per child than any country in the world, we as a nation are far behind in educating our youth. But there are some things the schools make sure they teach our children. What is politically correct, that the government is there to take care of you, social justice, green movement, and more of the governments progressive agenda. Public schools intrude in our children's health by forcing parents to medicate their children for anxiety, ADD and ADHD.  School officials think they know so much more than parent they had even taken under age girls to abortion clinics without the parents consent or knowledge, even covering up the absence.
If there is one thing our broken school system has proven is the law of big government. With big government more money you give it the more corrupt inefficient and wasteful it is.
Here are two must see documentaries. Whether  you're a parent or a taxpayer you will begin to see just how broken our educational system is,
below are the trailers