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Social Security

Social Security was a great deal for folks when it first started. People started getting checks off of other people's taxes with the promise when they retired a new generation would be footing the bill. Don't get me wrong I believe the federal government taking care of of people's retirement is unconstitutional. People should be responsible for their own life, their own future, their own retirement.
The average life expectancy was 65, back in 1937 when Social Security started. Coincidentally that's when people could start collecting Social Security. But now it is obvious to everyone Social Security will not be around in its present form, when our generation retires.

When a private individual perpetrates a Ponzi scheme he goes to jail. And rightly so, he is a thief. But when the government runs the biggest Ponzi scam in history. It's okay because it's the big government.
Dictionary definition of Ponzi

Investment scam by which early investors are paid off from the contributions of later ones, 1957, in ref. to Charles Ponzi,  who perpetrated such a scam in U.S., 1919-20.

Ponzi Scams

Largest in History

Madaff  50 Billion

Charles Ponzi