THE RUGGED INDIVIDUALIST                     

The war on men


This Page is for Men Only.

To the right is a collection of 49 videos by a gentleman in the UK. This documentarian series is well done, very educational and points out a lot of things we take for granted in today's society. This series is of interest to the Rugged Individualist, especially on how it points out how the governments of America and the UK have policies that undermine the individual and the family structure. These progressive ideologies are destroying the nuclear family and dramatically affecting our future.  We believe in the individual. We believe in equal opportunity everyone. We believe in equal justice  not social justice. This  video series is directed at men and mothers of sons.

Click a picture to the right  it'll take you to a gallery page with 5 to 10 videos per gallery. The videos range from 10 min. to about 45 min.